Not just a car hire company but a carriage service company with a customer centric policy. At Lewisham cars we will go out of the way to make sure the passenger’s experience from point of pick-up to drop off is an effortless and pleasant experience. From carrying luggage, guidance to the vehicle, to politely providing assistance getting in the vehicle if needed; our chauffeur is there to serve you.


Our personnel often have to go through extensive training and background checks before they can hold their title. Whether its approving a driving history or criminal background check, staff are held to a high standard.


We take time to research traffic flow and road closures before we leave for pick up, ensuring the best possible route for their passenger. Being unaware of the traffic flow and road closures can cause unnecessary delays and longer routes.


Our chauffeurs are trained to make an effort to recognize passenger tendencies and personal preferences. Not only will they remember what’s most important to their passenger, but they often do online research beforehand on the client, to prepare themselves for whatever conversation, personal preference, or need may arise during the ride. We are typically one step ahead. For example, if the passenger requested a chilled Diet Coke on a previous trip, we would make sure the Diet Coke was chilled and ready upon pick up.


The golden rule of chauffeurs is “Don’t speak unless spoken to” A passenger may not be in the mood to have a conversation with a complete stranger, and the last thing they want is to have their chauffeur start up a conversation. If the passenger initiates the conversation, it’s quite appropriate for the chauffeur to respond.

Many important conversations happen during a trip, so it’s important that chauffeurs handle confidentiality in a professional manner. A passenger needs to be able to trust what’s said in the vehicle, stays in the vehicle.

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